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Bootstrap dropdown tabs


This article shows how to create bootstrap dropdown tabs navigation using bootstrap dropdown menu selection. This example will use css bootstrap component dropdown menu, bootstrap button groups and bootstrap javascript tab navigation component. This is very useful when you want to toggle the display based on dropdown selection. In a typical scenario you may want […]

ASP.NET MVC Tips and Tricks

Enable Jquery Ajax calls to Webservice methods in ASP.NET if you want to make Jquery Ajax calls to webservice methods in a asmx file you need to remember two things 1. to add following lines of code into the web.config file <webServices> <protocols> <add name=”HttpGet”/> <add name=”HttpPost”/> </protocols> </webServices> 2. Make sure not place your […]

How to make a responsive wordpress theme using twitter bootstrap

bootstrap-html-template small

Getting started responsive wordpress theme Before you begin creating a twitter bootstrap enabled responsive wordpress theme layout, you need to create the same basic theme layout using css/html. Let’s download the latest twitter bootstrap version. Once you download it, extract it into a folder where you going to create your responsive wordpress theme basic layout. Once […]

WordPress Themes Add Multiple Menu Locations

wordpress multiple custom menu widget areas

How to add multiple menu locations in your themes If you are creating a new theme your theme will not support any menu areas. But if look at the default themes link twentyten or twentyelevan the option is enabled only at the primary location, which in the header section. But there is no control over […]

Missing WordPress Links Manager in version 3.5


Recently I installed WordPress 3.5 in my local machine and found out that wordpress links manager menu is missing in the dashboard menus. WordPress links manager is a very handy tool used to categorized and create external links on the wordpress site and display them in the links widget. The WordPress links manager allows users […]

PHP Errors developer should Report

Any developer needs to handle php errors regardless of the language they use. Lets talk about the error handling capabilities of php. One of the key features of php scripting language is it’s detail error-handling functionality. Developers could control many aspects of how errors are occurred and handled. In this article we will find out […]

load Razor view into modal dialog in ASP.NET MVC3

In this tutorial we are going to find out how to load a ASP.NET MVC3 Razor view into Jquery modal dialog. Why use JQuery modal dialog load a ASP.NET MVC3 Razor view? There are situations where you want to display certain information on the web to the user without disturbing the existing view. Such cases […]

Add Jquery modal dialogs to ASP.NET MVC3 Views

Let’s find out how to add JQuery popup dialog box to ASP.NET MVC3 Razor view. We assume you have setup necessary MVC3 environment. If not visit ASP.NET official website and download necessary components for your development environment. For this article I’ve used Visual Studio 2010. Open your developer environment and create a new ASP.NET MVC3 […]